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Bringing Drugs To Every Target

By advancing AI to address small, noisy and sparse data challenges


Dark Targets

Drugs for Dark Targets

Existing drugs interact with <20% of disease-causing target proteins. Discovering drugs for the >80% of untapped and intractable disease targets - we call them dark targets - is limited by lack of data and suitability of methods. We see this as a huge opportunity to bring innovative medicines to tackle diseases where there is a significant unmet need.


Smart data, not big data

By making our computational methods more data-efficient, we can derive value from small, noisy and sparse data sets and so change the face of medicines discovery.​

Revolutionising Discovery of Medicines

We call this breakthrough ROSALINDᴬᴵ. It represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible in the field of AI for preclinical drug discovery. 


Large Scale Impact



We predict 50+ ADMET and Physiochemical properties more accurately than any other method


Larger Data

Our models are trained on a repository of data that is 10x larger than available in the public domain.


24h/1Bn Screening

Our highly scalable and parallelised cloud infrastructure allows us to virtually screen Billion compounds in 24hrs.

ROSALINDᴬᴵ is the first AI-powered SaaS drug discovery engine for pharmaceutical R&D. We democratise access to cutting-edge AI to manage sparse, noisy and small-data challenges enabling drug hunters to discover medicines for challenging targets with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

ROSALINDᴬᴵ automates the application of AI by providing a large repository of pretrained and customisable AI models and workflows particularly suited to data challenges and address novel and first-in-class targets.

Our partners use ROSALINDᴬᴵ to develop, scale and apply innovative AI solutions to maximise the use of their internal data, discover novel chemical scaffolds, optimise activities and chemical properties and screen ultra-large chemical libraries.


Benefits & Outcomes

Hit Rate

With our de novo design of novel chemistry on challenging targets.

More Accurate

When using our proprietary AI compared to the current state-of-the-art.

Less Data

Due to our use of active learning, leading to 50% reduction in lab experiments.

More Targets

Due to our ability to work on targets where only very little information is available


We are a team of scientists, drug hunters and engineers passionate about finding treatment for devastating diseases. We came together to help accelerate drug discovery and deliver on our mission to bring drugs to every target. 

Our Team

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