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Glamorous AI selected for International Trade’s Digital Health Campaign – ‘The First 100 Playbook’

Glamorous AI has been chosen to be a part of the DIT ‘First 100’; a list of innovative and emerging UK digital health-tech companies. The Department for International Trade’s UK Digital Health Playbook, ‘The First 100 Companies’, showcases the “best of British talent in Digital Health that’s ready to go global”.

Noor Shaker, CEO of Glamorous AI, said, “We are delighted to be included in the First 100 by the Department for International Trade. We see this as a real endorsement of our innovative work in scaling cutting-edge technologies to bring drugs to every target.”

The ‘First 100 companies’ were selected after a rigorous process based on a range of criteria including how committed they are to export and international expansion, the global uniqueness of their innovation, a track record of working collaboratively with Healthcare UK and how well they represent the UK journey and direction in digital health.

Glamorous AI’s vision is to build the most advanced technology to bring drugs to every disease. The company’s flagship platform, Rosalind, has a unique approach to handling chemical and biological data that allows the company to execute drug discovery campaigns at a fraction of the time and cost and with minimal data requirements. This enables Rosalind to address 80% of therapeutic targets currently intractable by existing approaches. Glamorous AI has a special interest in oncology and neurodegeneration, with a number of programs currently under development internally and in collaborations with leading research organisations and biotech companies.

To find out more about Glamorous AI download the ‘First 100 playbook’ here.

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