Glamorous AI presents at BioTrinity

We participated in BioTrinity 2021. This is the first in-person meeting we are attending this year, we are very much looking forward for many to come.

Our CEO, Noor Shaker, presented our recent progress on the use of AI to drug challenging targets. She spoke of our success with the discovery of novel chemical entities for a very challenging target with a protein-protein interaction interface. RosalindAI was used for the de novo design of novel chemistry and for the integration with accurate filters for chemistry and ML predictors of chemical properties. Using RosalindAI, our CEO explains, we discovered novel chemistry in weeks and by testing only three compounds in the lab. This not only demonstrates the power of RosalindAI to explore uncharted areas in the chemical space, but also the significant gains in cost and time that can be achieved by integrating RosalindAI into drug discovery pipelines.

The project presented is one example of what we are achieving with RosalindAI and we are very excited about a number of other successful stories that we will be sharing soon.

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